1. How soon will my order be delivered?

A. All orders are delivered within 1-7 business days depending on when it is placed.

2. How will my order be delivered?

A. A driver will contact you during this window to make sure you are at home and have your ID ready. We make one delivery attempt per order if we are unable to deliver the delivery will have to be collected, please contact info@drinknb.ca .


3. How does no-contact delivery work?

A. During the delivery window, the driver will call to make sure you are at home at let you know when they will arrive. Upon arrival, the driver will check your ID through a window and leave your order outside the house for you to collect at your convenience. Public safety is our primary concern and we encourage everyone to maintain social distance throughout the delivery process.


4. Do I need ID to receive my delivery?

A. Yes. The delivery driver needs to be able to check your government-issued ID. To do this is hold it to a window where it can easily be seen. Be near the ID when the driver arrives. You don't have to open the door or leave the house - just be visible. 


5. I live outside the delivery zone. Can I still place an order?

Please contact us to discuss delivery options outside of the current delivery zones.


6. The item I want is out of stock. Will it be back? 

We receive new inventory every week. If your favourite item is out of stock, please check back again soon!

7. Don't Deliver Craft Beer or Craft Cider to your area yet? 

Want to know when we will start delivering in your area signup below:


Delivery Zones


Where do we deliver? 

We currently deliver in the Fredericton area on Tuesday and Friday & Saint John & Moncton on Friday only.


There are 2 zones:

RED ZONE outlined by the RED line qualify for $9 delivery or Free Delivery over $100 

GREEN ZONE outlined by the GREEN line qualify for $18 delivery or Free Delivery over $200 


Saint John

There is 1 zone currently:

RED ZONE outlined by the RED line qualify for $9 delivery or Free Delivery over $100 


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All external product are only delivered by DrinkNB 

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