Evangeline (750ml)

Evangeline (750ml)


Strong Nut-Brown Ale - 7.5% abv

New Acadian beer style as mentioned in the Poem from Henry W. Longfellow Evangeline, a tale of Acadie written in 1847.

Aroma: Malty-sweet, with a rich aroma of caramel with toffee character. Moderated fruity notes. Hops are there to balance the taste of malt but hops are only in the background. A light fresh aroma of hops to nicely balance the overall.

Appearance: Dark brown in color with reddish highlights, with an SRM of 15 near to the Nut-brown colour.

Flavors: A dominant caramel flavor with a toffee character, there is a sweet malty notes that linger till the aftertaste. Biscuit notes, light coffee / light chocolate, hazelnut, fruity. The bitterness is low and use to balance the sweetness of it not to be too sweet. 

Mouthfeel: A medium body, the residual sugars should provide a feeling heavier than light beers. Carbonization is slight. The beer has a slight astringency due to the dark malts. 



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