Gabriel (750ml)

Gabriel (750ml)


Spruce Beer - 6.5% abv

General impression: A beer that is balanced in terms of hoppy vs malty. Inspired by the traditional Acadian methods.  
Aroma: aroma slightly malty, balanced by earthy hops. The light resinous aroma from the spruce branches that were boiled for 3 hours.  
Appearance: A pale golden in color with a light white foam. With low retention because of the resins from the spruce. Beer should be clear, but it is not filtered could be lightly trouble.  
Flavour: A moderately hopped with moderately malty flavours. The balance between hops and malt is equal. Bitter hops should linger in the aftertaste. There is no diacetyl.  
Mouthfeel: Medium body, and moderate carbonization this Ale has a soft finish and is not astringent.


A Philadelphia-Acadian is a beer cocktail made from half spruce beer (Gabriel) and half nut-brown beer (Evangeline).



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